Newborn Necessities: Things You Need To Know

Babies are always a welcome addition in most homes, with many mums doing their best to plan ahead. However, bringing a child home comes with surprises that can only be handled as you go along. Even so, it pays to prepare early by buying items that are a “must-have” for your newborn. Here are some baby essentials that new parents need to have to care for the baby.

  • Clothing

New mums get overwhelmed with the many cute outfits available for their newborns. However, some of them are not “must-have” items for babies when they are brought home. Focus on buying clothing that they will use daily such as vests, onesies, sweaters, socks, bibs, pants, and hats. When buying onesies go for different sizes with both short and long sleeves. The warmer ones can be used as pajamas and should have the foot area covered to keep out the cold. Investing in a towel made from soft fabrics and is absorbent should also be part of your baby clothing list.

  • Sleeping gear

Babies sleep a lot and need to be comfortable when they are placed in the cot. Swaddling blankets are vital as they help the baby relive their moment in their womb. The blankets are stretchy and warm and can be used during the day and night. As the baby gets older, invest in a sleeping blanket that restricts movement and keeps them warm as well. A baby monitor can also be a great addition as it allows mums to monitor newborns without having to be in the same room.

  • Diapers

Diapers of different sizes are among the most essential items that new mums should have on their shopping list. Newborns tend to poop all the time and need to be changed for them to remain clean and dry. Ensure that you stock up on enough diapers to avoid running out to buy a new pack in the middle of the night. Fortunately, both disposable and cloth diapers are available in most stores, giving you a chance to pick your preferred option. Buying a diaper bag will make it easier to carry them when leaving the house with the baby.