New Mum: Expectation Vs. Reality

New mums are a target for unwanted advice from goodhearted family and friends. The advice is usually as diverse as the people offering it, resulting in confusion for the mum. Even so, mums need to get advice from qualified professionals to be aware of the realities of motherhood. Although expert advice varies from one professional to another, some of the ones considered universal truths are listed below.

Create a routine

Some mums expect to go along with the flow when the baby comes home. However, it is advisable to have a daily routine for your baby, especially for first-time mums. Schedule feeding and napping times so that the baby gets used to it as early as possible. Nonetheless, mums should always expect the unexpected and not be hard on themselves when everything doesn’t go as planned. Be ready to adjust the daily routine as you learn more about your new baby so that the journey can be less hectic.

Accept help

Catering to every need of the baby is a natural instinct for most mums, which sometimes can result in burnout. Mums with family or community that support them have an easier time seeking help as they get used to their new roles. Giving directions on the type of help needed makes it easier for those offering help to complete the most critical tasks in the home. For mums with a supportive partner, encourage them to spend time with the baby as part of bonding so that you can rest.

Carve out personal time

Many mums suffer from guilt when they have to leave their baby in the hands of someone else. However, this alone time is crucial for those that want to retain their sanity and enjoy their new roles as mums. Taking a break to take a short walk, drive around the neighborhood, or visit the local grocery store gives you a chance to clear your head. Scheduling the “get-out” times is essential to can plan with the person helping you out. Also, having a set time gives mums a chance to have something to look forward to every day.