How Mum's Can Make Babies' Bath Time Fun

Bath time is supposed to be a fun time for both mum and baby, but sometimes it can turn to be a dreadful time. Some babies react to bath time by screaming, crying, and becoming fussy, making the entire experience unbearable for everyone. If these behaviours are the norm during bath time, a mum can make things different with a bit of planning.

Prepare early

Babies love comfort and will appreciate a bathing environment that they can react to positively. It is vital to keep the room warm and gather the essentials needed early enough. Some of the “must-have” items for the bathing session include a towel, soap, diapers, lotion, and clothes. If your child is allergic, ensure that any special cream is part of their daily bath to eliminate any chances of skin problems in the future. Establishing a routine for your child is also crucial if they are to enjoy bathing continuously.

Plan for a fun time

The interaction while bathing is essential in helping a baby calm down and enjoy time in the water. Fortunately, there are several ways that mums can make bath time fun by introducing bath toys and water games. Toys that are shiny and make rattling noises are always welcome as they distract the baby, making it easier to bathe them. Ensure the toys are related to the age of the child so that they achieve the intended goal. Besides toys, use play songs or musical toys that keep the child excited as they sing along throughout their bathing time.

Limit bath time

Most babies find the temperature of the water and the feeling of floating uncomfortable, making them hate bath time. To help them feel safe, it is vital to keep the bathing time as short as possible. Placing your hands on the baby’s chest and stomach while washing them to make them feel secure. If possible, take them out of the bath when the water is still warm and dress them immediately to keep them warm. In case of cold weather, consider sponging the baby down instead of running them a bath.